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A Chicago-based home equity solution for individuals with bad credit turned to RyTech after multiple failed attempts with other marketing agencies, leaving them searching for a partner to drive business to their niche market. By partnering with RyTech, they were able to expand from the Chicagoland suburban area to all of Illinois, and two additional states within two years; Wisconsin and Indiana. 

Low Lead Quality

Spend & Time Wasted

Lack of Analytical Reporting

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Knowing that they serve quite a niche market, the business was having difficulties discovering how to find appropriate leads for customers that met their requirements as their previous marketing efforts were not targeted. With their previous marketing agencies having not spent the time to fully understand their market, goals, and strategies, SEO and PPC efforts were not working correctly. This resulted in wasted Google Ad spend and wasted time crafting content. Because these efforts were too generalized, it led to unqualified leads, in the market for a traditional bank. Due to the lack of an effective and in-depth PPC and SEO strategy, client lists were unqualified and inefficient, leading to excess costs and low conversion rates. Unable to reach qualified clients, this organization was left with weak email lists and low deliverability rates. Additionally, without an analytical reporting software installed on their website, it was near impossible to measure and track key metrics.

RyTech began extensive keyword research, income and location targeting, and implementation of creative campaigns to increase conversions. RyTech has implemented a robust content strategy to capture target keywords, which has been greatly expanded to rank consistently for industry keywords in many locations. By initially beginning with paid campaigns, RyTech was able to provide conversion metrics that were able to assist in the content strategy. Google Analytics was installed to track web traffic and other key metrics. 15 new SEO-driven blog posts were added with keyword-targeting to draw additional organic web traffic. SEO keywords have been prioritized from successful PPC campaigns. An email audit was performed to remove unqualified emails, further reducing email costs and increasing deliverability and open rates. An email onboarding campaign was implemented for new email users, and content was shifted to encompass a larger geographic audience and engage viewers as the business has grown. By implementing an email onboarding campaign, this company maintains contact with prospective clients for future business. 







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Blog Traffic Increase


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