Find Your Twitter Voice, Literally

Last week, Twitter announced they are rolling out a new feature. Users are now able to record their own audio and share it on the platform as a voice tweet. It appears that “voice tweets” is currently an enabled feature for a limited number of users on Twitter for iOS but will be available to all iOS users in the coming weeks.

Let’s look at some of the logistics of using a voice tweet:

  1. To record your voice, click the wavelengths icon that appears when composing a new tweet, similar to how you’d attach a picture.
  2. You can record up to 140 seconds of audio — a nod to the original 140 characters with which you could tweet.
  3. You cannot add any other creative to your voice tweet; right now, Twitter pulls your profile picture and a background image with the word “Voice” in the lower right corner.
  4. You still can (and should) introduce your voice tweet with text copy within the body of the tweet.
  5. Once it’s live, followers can listen as they keep browsing their feed. A play bar will lock onto the bottom of their screen upon pressing play.

With an eye toward how we can implement this new feature on behalf of our clients and our firm, our Founder & CEO @sjryanjr took to Twitter to crowdsource initial thoughts and reactions about voice tweeting and experimented with it a bit. Check out the feedback below:

Our CEO Steve Ryan (@sjryanjr) tested out a voice tweet and asked his followers for feedback. Overall, responses from Steve’s followers were positive. Individuals responded about the sound quality and liking it more than they expected. Some users remarked that it reminded them of a podcast and others are hopeful that all Twitter users will have the opportunity to try this out soon. Twitter hopes “people will use this to make their voices heard and add to the public conversation.”

Some Positive Takeaways for Using Voice Tweet

More Content: You can fit a lot more content in 140 seconds than you can in 280 characters; be careful you don’t start rambling, though. You might even consider scripting yourself to ensure you fit your entire message within the allotted time. If you have a lot to communicate, Twitter provides the option to create threads with multiple voice tweets in a row, if you’re looking for longer-form voice content.

Humanization: It’s easy to scroll through Twitter quickly without stopping. You may find yourself unsure of who you are following, how you knew them originally, or what their priorities might be. Voice tweets put a name behind the face and a voice behind the name. This humanizes your Twitter account and your brand.

It’s New: Who doesn’t love a new feature on a social media platform? This is exciting and time to experiment, try something new and innovative, look for ways to make it work for your brand, and be a trendsetter as opposed to letting other companies push forward and leave your Twitter account in the dust.

Things to Consider Before You Jump All In

Visuals: As previously mentioned, Twitter pulls your profile picture and background color for your voice tweet. As a user, you do not have control over imagery/visuals to correspond with the voice tweet functionality. So, if you have particular brand guidelines, you have to be willing to budge when using this functionality.

Headphones: According to recent reports, 80% of active users access Twitter via mobile. Remember that they likely have their audio turned off or don’t have headphones in, so they really have to want to listen to your content if they push play. This is why it’s still important to introduce the tweet via text.

Text: Transcription or text overlay would be a great add-on to this functionality so that users don’t have to listen but could still consume the content without audio (understanding it defeats the purpose of voice tweets).

Access: From reading between the lines, voice tweet functionality appears to be only available for iOS users in the initial rollout. You will need an iOS device that will allow you to record and utilize the functionality.

Ideas for Leveraging this Feature

Quick Hit Updates: Want to showcase yourself as a thought leader or have a quick update or mini tip to share? Voice tweets give you the time to put your thoughts together and talk through a topic.

Company News: If you have something newsworthy to share, use a voice tweet of your company spokesperson or senior leadership to share. Maybe it’s reading a press release or responding to a crisis or sharing something fun, putting the voice behind a brand is powerful.

Mini Podcast: Don’t want to commit to long-form content or in-depth recordings? Voice tweets could give you the solution you need to launch a podcast, maybe it’s daily for 140 seconds or weekly or even monthly. Choose your topic, brand it, publicize it your audience, create a branded hashtag, and commit to trying it on a timeline that works for you.

Still not convinced or unsure how you might use voice tweets as part of your social media strategy? Schedule a free consultation with a member of our social media team. 

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