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When a niche healthcare consulting company saw a decline in business they quickly realized they needed to adjust marketing efforts to their potential audience. The company also observed the business wasn’t being found through search engines for both branded and non-branded terms. So, they turned to RyTech, LLC to establish a strong brand presence in search results as well as convert new users.

Increase in non-branded organic traffic

Low-Ranking keywords



With increasing competition in both paid and organic search results, as well as a similarly named global company, this particular healthcare consulting company was finding it difficult to convert users who recognize their brand and attracting new users searching for the company’s specific service line offerings.

Competitive paid ads were burying organic results and the company’s website was not optimized for search engines or offering opportunities to continue to grow their market share.

Through a robust SEO (search engine optimization) keyword-focused strategy, increased technical remedies on a rigid CMS (content management system), continued content optimization of service pages and backlink acquisition (both branded and non-branded), RyTech built a brand strong enough to own branded search results in both the United States and Canada.

In addition, RyTech was further able to assist in organically ranking this company’s website to compete for non-branded, bottom of funnel search terms that are high intent and high value. RyTech also implemented a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign for bottom of funnel terms to complement the growing number of organic results.





Conversion Rate


Increase Organic Traffic


Increased Ranking in Keywords


More Likes in a 12 Month Span

After a competitive audit proved to us that in order to meet our goals we needed a robust link building strategy along with on-page changes, RyTech was able to map out a Search Engine Marketing strategy that involved aggressive link building & content writing for long term results, as well as a Google Ads Campaign to provide a steady influx of leads immediately. After implementing, our client has seen a steady increase in conversions that has led to “more leads than they’ve ever had”.

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