Large Insurance Company

Pay per click campaign


When a large insurance company was losing money by paying for irrelevant traffic during a Search Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, they turned to RyTech for campaign optimization.

Low Lead Quality

High cost per conversion for low relevance search terms

Keyword bidding were unoptimized



During an ongoing PPC campaign, a Midwest business insurance company found that many of the leads they were paying for were irrelevant.

Instead of relevant search terms aligning with their business goals, the company noticed search terms relevant to car, truck, home and health insurance policies.

The cost per lead was ~$30, but leads were unqualified due to the broad keywords being bid on, despite the large daily spend and high click-through-rate.

RyTech evaluated the campaign and found that some of the most popular keyword bids were too broad and not targeting the company’s relevant service offerings.

These broad-scope keyword biddings were costing much more than a targeted PPC campaign with localized, relevant keywords would. RyTech implemented keyword research & a campaign overhaul, breaking like-keywords into separate ad groups, re-writing ads to cater to these specific ad groups, and adding specified extensions to ensure traffic with high conversion intent.


Cost per Conversion


Decreased Overall Spend by


Decreased Cost per Conversion by

Once the new campaign was fully implemented, the improvement was immediate and the results above were realized in less than a year. The insurance company was not only saving money on the cost per conversion, but they received customer calls that were actually relevant to their service offerings. This allowed them to garner new business leads to provide necessary services to businesses in local Midwest communities.

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