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A SaaS Legal Practice Management Software designed to simplify the daily work of law firms and legal professionals across North America and Canada was looking to expand their business and attract new clients. Their Marketing Coordinator turned to RyTech to manage their PPC efforts after previous companies did not manage them efficiently or effectively. Before agreeing to partner with RyTech, RyTech identified a proper way to better track conversions, as well as identify strategies to potentially reduce cost per conversion, increase conversion rates, and decrease rising branded costs-per-click (CPC) savings.



Our client was initially struggling to see an acceptable return on investment. In an extremely competitive market, the CPCs were running up their cost per conversion to an unsustainable level. In addition, the high costs associated with their branded CPCs was eating into the total budget, causing the budget allocation to be both inefficient and ineffective. With the cost per conversion at such a high rate, the question of whether continued investment in Google Ads would be worthwhile.

The company knew that they were not effectively reaching their target audience due to weak keyword utilization and singular bid strategies. Knowing that they needed to revamp their campaigns and reduce costs in order to continue investing in Google Ads, they turned to RyTech for solutions.

To reduce cost per click and increase overall conversions on branded campaigns, RyTech implemented an accurate negative customer list, which allowed us to hide PPC ads from existing customers that were making branded searches in order to sign into their account, saving money on branded search campaigns. RyTech also experimented with new bid strategies across a number of campaigns, as the Manual CPC bid strategy on competitive service-related keywords was not producing sustainable results.

After that, two campaigns were utilized to break out broad-match branded terms and exact-match branded terms, while utilizing different bid-strategies on each campaign to target multiple networks of potential clients and maximize conversion and click rates. With reduced branded CPC and new savings, RyTech was able to reinvest funds into mid and top-of-funnel campaigns, allowing for a more successful budget allocation with significant results.

Key Results


Reduced cost per conversion by 64% Year Over Year


Reduced branded cost per click by 42%, saving nearly $15,000 in 2021.

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