RyTech, LLC Founder & CEO Elected Pillars Community Health Board Chair


RyTech, LLC Founder & CEO Steve Ryan has been elected chair of the Board of Directors of Pillars Community Health through June 30, 2021. Ryan has served on the Board of Directors of the organization since 2015, an active member of the Finance and Governance Committees, and an avid supporter of the mission and impact of the organization’s services.

Based upon his own experience of grief and growing up with the death of his father at a young age, Ryan was originally drawn to Pillars Community Health through Buddy’s Place, a childhood bereavement program and one of the organization’s many services. Ryan shared his story in a video utilized at the organization’s primary fundraiser in 2016. Once involved, Ryan quickly saw the vast array of services offered by the talented and compassionate staff at Pillars Community Health – Behavioral Health, Domestic and Sexual Violence, Health Center – the need for these services within the community, and the transformative impact being made.

“I affectionately refer to the depth of services offered by Pillars Community Health as layers of an onion: you keep peeling back a different layer to learn about another service and you likely shed a tear at the impact the organization is making without even realizing it,” commented Steve Ryan. “I’m truly honored to work with fellow volunteer board members and the senior leadership team to celebrate the organization’s rich 100 year history and develop a strategic plan to guide the beginning of the next 100 years.”

“Pillars Community Health is fortunate to have a legacy of strong board leaders,” notes President and CEO Angela Curran. “Steve’s tenure as Chair, following strong engagement and leadership as a member of the board, and more recently the Executive Committee, will continue that legacy and support the organization’s ongoing innovation and integration of health care and social services.”

One of the core values of RyTech, a full service digital marketing firm working with clients across the United States at all stages of growth, is philanthropic: “we always try to be generous and put a high value ​on giving back to the community.” As RyTech’s Founder & CEO, Steve Ryan embodies this core value in providing his insight, experience, and resources to nonprofit organizations, like Pillars Community Health, in the markets where the firm has offices.

About RyTech, LLC
Founded in 2012, RyTech is a full service digital marketing agency headquartered in La Grange, Illinois with offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Washington DC. RyTech partners with clients at all stages of growth on their online marketing strategies, delivering digital results, and fueling their client growth. From website development to search engine optimization to social media, RyTech offers customized solutions to meet the needs of its clients. To learn more about RyTech, LLC visit https://www.rytechllc.com/ or call 630-537-0556.

About Pillars Community Health
Pillars Community Health is a nonprofit provider of health and social services, one of only a few nonprofits in the state of Illinois to integrate primary medical and dental care with mental health and social services. Pillars Community Health can trace its history back to 1921 through predecessor agencies and have a history of innovating to provide quality, evidence-based care. To learn more about Pillars Community Health, visit https://pillarscommunityhealth.org/ or call 708-PILLARS.

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